Patricia Lee is a designer based in San Francisco.
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Hello, I'm Patricia 🌻

Over the past 5 years, I've had the pleasure of working with founders and start-ups to bring new concepts to life. I could go on about how I love to collaborate with clients, or how my process is influenced by my experiences working with some of the best people— but at the end of the day, I'm just a girl jamming out at a desk, a lot of books in the corner, trying my best to make great work happen.

I'm a product designer that has previously worked on both B2B and consumer products, including data tools, analytics interfaces, and design systems. I'm drawn to simple interfaces with powerful functionalities, and love to focus on tools that are desktop applications or browser-based. My background is rooted in graphic design and print, and I'm drawn to projects that require a high degree of thoughtfulness, craft, and vision. I was most recently at Cyence designing a cyber risk database and a whole suite of interfaces (ask me about it!). Before that I was a designer at Haystack, creating mobile and TV experiences for an omni-channel news streamer. Even further in the past, I worked with the user experience team at Kennedy Library to research student behavior and to improve online access of library resources. In between, I've done other creative endeavors, from art direction to print design.

These days I'm freelancing, taking on a lot of different projects in spaces totally outside my comfort zone. It's been a confusing year, and now I'm less focused on defining myself by certain roles or how much control I have over the outcome of a situation. I spend a lot of time on the internet, trying to find the best ways to engage with the avalanche of information we see everday. You can observe my web-crawling behavior as I watch movies , take notes, and think about what to make with the massive amount of clay I purchased on amazon during quarantine.