In 1974, Canadian artist Norman Zammitt attempted to parallel the abstraction of light in paint, to correlate palette and sky. He found that none of the different theories of color were quite related to nature, so he began putting color into what he felt was their natural sequence. He began by mixing his own basic, primary or "parent" colors and from that eventually mixing colors according to his experience and ideas about how one color can become another color can become another color, etc. until it rounded the whole spectrum.

Eventually it became impossible to continue by "eyeballing" colors into place so he began using logarithms and mathematical curves to graph progressions, giving the colors numerical values. This provided a means of measuring, by weight on a gram scale, extremely complex mixtures of colors in variable amounts to bend from one color to another in a smooth unbroken sequence.

In this experiment, I recreated his landscapes (along with a couple others) using the same colors and band formulas to be viewed responsively through a web browser.