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2016—2017: Cyence risk factors database

2018—2019: Portfolios

2018—2019: Future concepts




Featured in: MIT Technology Review, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters

I joined Cyence shortly after their Series B funding round to help take product design from zero to one. During my time there I worked on a variety of products and interfaces, ranging from dashboard and data visualizations, databases, and reporting experiences.

Cyence risk factors database


The first project I worked on at Cyence was to create a way for underwriters to access our risk factors database. The purpose of this database is to serve as a source of knowledge for cyber underwriters, who can refer to the curated data available to inform underwriting decisions.

Design-wise, it was important to create an intuitive experience for regular users — not teach them a new lexicon. The goals for this project were to: 1) Increase confidence and understanding for users regarding cyber risk 2) Improve transparency in the risk model (avoid appearing like a "black box" of data) and 3) Increase app engagement with our underwriter users.

Risk factors: V1

Working with our internal cyber experts, our product team, and a few eager users, we updated the information architecture to be in-line with the mental models of our target users. By using existing cataloging and data standards, we found ways to add and connect traditional metadata priorities (such as IP addresses, domains and subdomains) with underwriter interests (such as security breaches and recent incidents).

Then, I designed a page template that could be flexible enough to handle regular updates to the database.

Component library

Following the release, we started to plan out a move from Bootstrap to Angular, working on building a component library in Sketch and corresponding Angular UI elements to be used for future systems.

Portfolio Data Manager


During my second year at Cyence, we grew from a small team in California to over 100 employees across the US, London, and Tokyo. We also expanded our product line, and I worked on a suite of database interfaces and features for Cyence's portfolio users. The goal of this product area was to leverage our individual risk model and risk factors into an aggregate level, and allow users to track, configure, and share custom groups of companies with their teams.

With these interfaces, I led concept development and research during the design process, and worked closely with our front-end engineering and QA teams during the development and release stages

Future concepts