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SK chicken

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Selected freelance work


Over the past year, I've worked with a diverse group of founders and creators on various projects ranging from packaging design to digital product design. Below are some selected works that were particularly interesting and energizing. Full case studies coming soon!

SK Chicken, San Francisco, CA

Frustrated by the lack of Korean fried chicken available in San Francisco, head pastry chef Sandy Kim of Jane the Bakery spent her shelter-in-place creating a recipe to satisfy her cravings. After perfecting the crispy, crackly, double-fried chicken, she reached out to me to develop branding for this upcoming concept.

Evolution IQ (Prev. Deepfraud AI), New York, NY

In 2019, I was introduced to Mike Saltzman, the co-founder of a newly invested machine learning company working in insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can be committed in incredibly surreptious ways, and detecting the fraud requires investigators to go through endless paper trails, leads, and missing details, in order to come to a sound conclusion. Mike and his team are working towards closing the gap of open fraud investigations by leveraging machine learning to comb through and anaylze disparate case and claim details. During our time together, I worked with Mike and his team to design and ship the first set of interfaces for beta usage.

Tekuno, San Francisco, CA

Tekuno is a San Francisco-based tea company that works directly with farms and producers to showcase the quiet yet expansive world of Japanese teas. This was a quick and fun project to source recyclable papers, and to create custom letterpressed brewing guides and packaging. Each year, Tekuno sources seasonal teas that are unique in their expressions of their terroir, tea makers, and processing.