Patricia Lee is a designer based in San Francisco, CA. She is currently working at Cyence, and is available for select projects and commissions.

To chat, collaborate, or to hear more about a specific project, please get in touch:, +1 (925) 989 5646

My name is Patricia. I’m an interdisciplinary designer working at the intersection of technology, cyber security, and data.

I currently serve as a senior user experience designer at Cyence, where I design a suite of data products for cyber risk analytics. Prior to joining Cyence, I worked at Robert E. Kennedy library, researching and designing new ways to access databases and archival resources. In the past, I worked at XYZ studio and split my time between graphic and editorial design in fashion and print. I studied printing and design at Cal Poly, and I spend most of my free time painting, watching movies, and reading about hip-hop.

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Part of a small team creating a platform for underwriters, actuaries, and risk analysts to evaluate and price cyber risks.


In the case of quantifying cyber risk, data is gathered from companies, revealing tens of thousands of possible connections. Unfortunately, the noise in these high-dimensional datasets can often obscure real correlations and give rise to illusory patterns.
Designing the tools to capture and share this knowledge has immediate effects throughout the insurance ecosystem, from the way cyber risk is understood, to pricing and financing risk—transforming our ability to mitigate and protect ourselves from modern threats. Our team sought to explore and communicate the potential of this data and to imagine how they may evolve within the existing economic and regulatory framework of insurance.

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Part of a longer term academic initiative to implement a sustainable digital preservation program. I was responsible for redesigning the access of Cal Poly’s Special Collections and Archives as well as researching the access of online library databases for students, faculty, and researchers.


Powerful new platforms are emerging to support libraries in managing user expectations, new workflows, and the growing diversity and increased volume of digital objects. The corollary challenges of digital preservation require scalable and sustainable solutions. At the same time, digital content opens up the cultural and research record for new scholarly uses and applications, and radically increases both academic and citizen access to previously inaccessible content. New information architecture was planned and piloted in 2014-2015. The long-term outcomes of this information architecture will include new ways to work collaboratively, conduct research, and engage students in scholarship and discovery, while establishing a vital documentary record of Cal Poly’s contributions and activities for future scholars.

Awards and grants:

  • ACRL: Excellence in Academic Libraries Award
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services: National Leadership Grant.


This website was designed by Patricia Lee in November 2018 in San Francisco, CA and uses variations of the typefaces: Helvetica and Times New Roman.